Katy’s Back!


We have had the weirdest winter, with temps way above normal. In honor of this weirdness, I took Bandit up to Weldon Spring today, and put in at the Katy Trail for the first time this year.

It was cool, just under 50 degrees. Before I left, I told Beck that I needed to get some sweat pants for some of the cooler temp rides. For my birthday, she’d already gotten me some, and presented those to me as an early prezzie. There were indeed warm!

As usual, the first 3-4 miles were just brutal — they always are for some reason. After that though, it was a great afternoon ride. The trail is so different this time of the year, with all the leaves down, and the low angle of the late afternoon sun enhancing the browns and the land… well, it was beautiful.

I hope this is the beginning of new adventures on the trail — I’m ready to get back to regular rides out there! Sunset is still too early to try riding after work. However, by the time the first part of March rolls around, sunset will be around 6pm, and that’s late enough to get in afternoon rides on the trail. And with the early start to daylight savings coming on March 10th or so, that’ll give me two extra months on the trail this year. That’s a great thing.