The First Wave

The weather prognosticators have been predicting all week that we were gonna have a big, bad ice storm over the weekend. The first wave began last night just after the rush hour, with temps falling just below freezing. It poured down rain much of the night, with the water freezing to the trees. The good news is that the roads are too warm still to have much accumulation.

The trees are another story. Our neighborhood looks like a war zone, and there are limbs and trees strewn about. We haven’t lost power, but we have had some large limbs (6″ +) snap from the trees in the front yard. Fortunately, we’ve had no damage so far.

There’s another wave due in tonight. With the colder weather yesterday and today, I expect that wave may have some ice that sticks to the roads, and makes things treacherous. With that, and the rest of this crazy front that’s on top of us, the weather dudes and dudettes are saying this will continue through Monday morning.

So, when faced with freezing rain and ice, what do I do? Well, I’ve been out photographing the ice. There’s a lot to take in, and photos just don’t do the damage justice. However, the macros shots are looking very nice!

Dunno what this means for the opening reception tonight at Framations. With some luck, it’ll stay away long enough to get that in, and then we can huddle up in the house, basking in the warmth of the family.