Look Ma — I’m Famous!

OK, so fame is relative, and this time, it’s my relative’s fault!

Once Mom heard about the 1st place award at Framations, she contacted the local paper in Chattanooga to let them know of the feat. A reporter from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Karen Nazor Hill, does a “Talk of the Town” column in the paper, and Mom reached out to her with some quick facts about the show and my placing in it.

Well, as I would expect from a reporter, Karen had a whole list of questions, which I responded to, including a sorta-recent photo of me, and an image of “Crystal”. This was Monday night after our electricity was functional again. I hadn’t heard a peep since.

Tonight in my e-mail, I found a copy of the article as it appeared in the paper today! And it was a full article, just focused on your humble author. Mom was just busting with pride and truthfully, so am I. It’s just plain cool to see your work in print, and recognized. Believe me, the financial rewards are yet to come from this bold venture, but the non-pecuniary benefits are wonderful!

Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, I don’t believe I can include the clip from the paper here. However, here is the link to the text-only version of the article. Dunno if that’s a permalink, so it might disappear at some point. Anyway, take a few minutes to read it — it’s a fun read.