Photoshop CS3

Last night, I spent some time trying to get my Nik filters to work in Photoshop CS3 on my MacBook. This, to no avail. As I did my research this morning, it appears that until they are released as a universal binary, CS3 won’t load ’em. Bummer. That means that work “on the road” is limited to whatever CS3 has included… at least for a while.

However, I was able to get them running on the PowerMac, and they seem to function like I’d expect. I’m gonna try to beat on CS3 on the G5 and see if the performance is any different over there as compared to CS2. I’ve read that the difference is only about 20%, so I don’t know if I’ll notice the difference, given the lackluster way I use Photoshop. 🙂