The “N” Crowd

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know that I’ve converted over to an all-Apple environment. One of the steps on that path was a new laptop, a MacBook (one of the sleek black ones). As it ends up, there was a sleeper feature included in the machine, one that wasn’t enabled — 802.11n. This is a faster wireless networking standard that stands poised to work farther and faster than anything else out there. Sorta the “Bionic Man” of wireless protocols.

It was only due to some clever fanboys out there that we even knew this was coming. Once the laptops with these spiffy new adapters hit the streets, folks were dissecting them and discovered that the chipset being used was capable of 802.11n, and from there it was nothing but pure speculation about when this beastie would be turned up, and made ready for higher speeds.

Well, the fine folks at Cupertino finally released the enabler to make the adapter speak 802.11n, and I installed it promptly, natch. Of course, I’ve got nothing that speaks “n”, but should I encounter anything like that in my travels, I can be part of the “n” crowd, and fly through the ‘Net with the greatest of ease. 🙂