Banding on My R1800

My love affair with my R1800 is beginning to be taxed. For several weeks, I have been fighting a banding problem when printing my prints. It is consistent, and a pain to deal with. I have cleaned the heads, aligned the heads, powered the printer off overnight to soften any ink residue, and have burned through almost a full set of ink cartridges.

The printer is still under warranty, and that’s good, but I need to be getting prints ready for an upcoming show in July, and I can’t afford too much downtime in trying to resolve this with Epson. So far, aside from the cleanings and alignments I’ve done, I’ve also gone through the guided self-help troubleshooter on the Epson site. It had no answers, so an e-mail to their customer support team has been sent.

Stay tuned for the rest of this saga…