Weldon Elementary Show

The show today went very, very well…. despite buckets of rain. Depending on where you were, we had between 1″ and 3″ of cold, cold rain. Fortunately, most of it abated during the set and tear down for the show. That made it a little easier to transport my prints to/from the truck and gym of the school.

In all, there were about 50 vendors, selling everything from used electronics to jewelry to bath products. Many of the vendors, as expected, were dealing in home wares of some kind or another, although there were a few dealing in frames and signage. And, despite the weather, there were plenty of folks stopping in to look. Seems like I spent most of the day chatting about my images and photography in general. My dad would’ve been proud — I certainly seem to discovered his “never met a stranger” atitude, especially when it comes to my work.