Hi, I’m Colin, and I’m a Paperholic

CompUSA going out of business is a bad deal, and I’ve written about that before. However, I still find myself going in there, trying to find a bargain…. a cable, a card reader (’cause you can never have too many of ’em), something. Tonight, I dove in there looking for a ditty bag to carry all my paraphenalia inside my laptop bag — mice, card readers, cables, etc. Basically something to corral all that required stuff, and keep it quarantined from the rest of the bag until I need something.

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I wandered through the store, and happened through the printer paper aisle.

That’s the first moment I realized I had the disease — paperholism. I searched greedily through the boxes of paper, passing by the HP, Kodak, Canon and even Ilford…. until I found the Epson papers. And not only did they have matte papers, and not only were they in 8½x11, but they also had 11×17! I’d been looking casually for this size, as I planned to print my portfolio at that size — I already bought the binder for it — and hadn’t actually seen that paper around… until tonight.

Oh my, did I gather up the boxes of paper — they even had some velvet stock that I might go back for. One, two, three…. the boxes kept leaping from the shelves into my waiting arms. By the time I’d checked out, I had two boxes of 11×17, and two boxes each of two different kind of 8½x11 matte paper all being lugged to the car.

Yes folks, your humble writer has the bug, and has it bad. Who knows what kinds of paper adventures I’ll have next!