So I’ve been seeing this new thing in blog-o-land called Twitter. It seems to me (after a whole five minutes of looking at it and a Mac client for it called Twitterific) that it’s a bloggy stream-of-consciousness environment. Twitter definitely has a cool factor, and might have some real purpose.

Right now, I’m at a loss for what that purpose could be though.

From what I can see, it doesn’t look like there’s a way to reply to “tweet” posted on Twitter, which would seem like it limits the interaction somewhat. However, for a “here’s what I’m thinking right now” quicky comment, Twitter appears ideal.

The interface though appears really slooooooow. Almost as bad as MySpace.

So, I’m signing up, and you may see some things on the Deauxmayne dealing with Twitter. Enjoy the dust, endure the noise, and we’ll find out together if there’s anything I do with this new space.