There’s No Place Like EVDO

James Duncan Davidson penned an entry on his blog today about his trials with finding free Wi-Fi in a locale he’s travelled to. He seems to indicate that it might be time to think about EVDO.

Well, I have already reaped the bennies of EVDO wireless broadband. How? Well, keeping up with weather and the world during a slow slow recently. How about being about to update my sites from afar? I can upload changes to the photo side of the house (the small stuff anyway — until we get EVDO Rev A next month!). I can even do work on my server from afar.

And, it makes my lunchtime at work much more useful. 🙂

So yeah, EVDO rocks — despite the sorta high price tag. But, I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from it, and that’s really all that matters!