Lions and Tigers and Leopards — Oh My!

Word’s down today that the new OS from the Fine Folks from Cupertino — Leopard, or OS X 10.5 — won’t be released until October. 🙁

Apple’s original plan was to have it out this spring, but the spectre of the iPhone, and the work to complete it, have whacked Leopard to Q3. That’s uncool. I understand the rationale, but still…. uncool.

For me, I think the potential for possibly integration of Windows apps on the desktop and official support for Boot Camp are the biggies. Those are not huge things, but big nonetheless. There’s supposedly a bunch of other goodies, both visible and under the covers, that’ll make Apple Life much more enjoyable.

So, I’ll sit and wait to see when this comes, and what kind of hardware updates may accompany the launch of Leopard. I’m still holding out some kind of hope for a quad-core laptop. It seems just about doable, and that might just be what it takes to get me off the Little MacBook That Could.