Finding My Muse

This morning, NewsFire picked up a piece by Steve Simon on the O’Reilly Digital Media Blog talking about Warming Up. Basically, the focus of the article centered on preparing to photograph.

There were a few tricks in the piece — none of which I’ve tried — but the real meat was to get your mind in the right frame for taking wonderful photographs, and ensuring you’re ready to do that when the moment comes. I think that’s a huge thing, and probably something that’s not talked about enough. I’ve had folks tell me to shoot everyday — that’ll get you ready for anything. Others say to shoot a lot everyday. But to do that, you still have to prepare. Even Lance Armstrong stretches out before going on a daily ride.

So what’s the best way to do that? Well, I dunno. I can’t even tell you what I do, but I do know that inspiration (for me, anyway) is key. If I’m in a beautiful locale, I’m drawn in and swept away with the feel and sense of the place. And when it all comes together, and I’m hearing the sounds, smelling the smells and seeing the place — really seeing it — then I know I’ve found my muse, and I’m ready to make some beautiful images.

I think that’s why I get a little dry on new images when I’m not travelling or when some kind of beauty hasn’t struck me in the yard. I have a tough time getting motivated when there’s not something beating on my senses, compelling me — forcing me — to go photograph. That’s probably not something only I suffer from, but it’s something I’ve gotta get beyond.

Ideally, I should be able to find something interesting to shoot daily. Maybe it’s not all beautiful, maybe it’s not all nature, but there’s a kind of discipline that can only come from practicing my craft, opening my eyes to new things, and trying new techniques on a near-daily basis. There are folks out there that shoot daily, and post a photo from that day’s shoot — why not me? Dunno if I can keep up with doing that daily, but surely more than once every couple of weeks would be useful! 🙂

Watch this space!