Craft Show

I took my shingle on the road again today, and displayed my wares at Child of God school. I had really high hopes for this show. It was only their first spring show, but they had 50+ vendors signed up, and had a great track record with their fall shows.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way.

I’d guess there were a hundred or so customers that came by — very slow traffic. I did make enough sales to cover my costs, but still…. I had much higher expectations. I’ll give ’em a shot in the fall and see what that show is like.

I did sell another 18×24 of Crystal. That thing continues to amaze me with its appeal. The fun part was the transaction. I don’t have a way to take credit cards at the shows, and the lady that bought it — the pastor’s wife — asked if I took PayPal, and we began to figure out how to meet, pay, etc. Then … eureka! I realized that I had my broadband wireless card with me. I fired it up, she logged into PayPal, and sent me the funds on the spot. That was cool!