Quiet…. Really Quiet

And it has been. A week or so of nothing but all-work-and-no-play.

I’ve been out on the bike some, trying to get ready for the MS150 come September. I just can’t get enough cycling in, and the weather hasn’t helped much. A lot of rain, along with some real severe stuff this week. It’s much, much cooler now though, and the riding is fantastic!

I’ve also been getting pieces ready for my show in July at Framations. The pieces are getting cranked out, one by one. I’m figuring I need 20-30 large pieces for the show, so I still have a good little ways to go before I’m done with that.

And work is work. I’m getting deeeeeeply immersed in my new job, and that is taking a ton of energy from me. I’m enjoying it though, and that’s the key!