Snakes on a Trail!


I visited my friend, the Katy Trail, tonight. After a couple of rides on the Al Wilson trail this week, I decided it was time for me and friend Katy to see each other. That trail’s a jealous mistress! 🙂

I decided to head toward the bridge from Weldon, and started pedalling. As I observed last year, the first 3-5 miles were horrible. But once I got to the bridge, I decided to head on up to Pitman Hill Road. I hadn’t been there this year, and my legs felt like they still had some “go” in them.

That’s when I ran over the first snake — a tiny little green snake. I doubt I hurt him, but I still didn’t like the fact I put a couple of tires across him. A mile or so later, I encountered the other snake.

This guy was about two feet long, as thick as my thumb, and coiled in the middle of the trail. I later discovered he was a Red Milk Snake. His colorings are similar to those of the Coral Snake, but this little dude is non-poisonous, and is really pretty. I stopped and took some photos of him… he didn’t seem to mind.

I looped back at Pitman Hill, and neither of the two snakes were around. I guess they got tired of us cyclists, and went home. For me, I went home after a very satisfying ride!