Big Ride


Beck and I took a little ride from Weldon to Defiance today. This was the first time she’d been on the trail, and I picked an easy route that included a stop at the Katy Trail Bike Shop for a slurpie. Now that’s riding!

After we got back to Weldon, I decided to ride one-way up to St. Charles, and have Beck pick me up. As it ends up, I only went to the 364 bridge — there was a big festival up there, and I figured we wouldn’t be able to find each other, much less get her parked close to the trail! So, to the bridge complex I went, and got myself picked up by Beck.

I hadn’t realized how liberating it would be to ride without having to keep the return ride in mind. It was wonderful not to worry about the distance I had left in the tank! Really cool ride.

And I ran across one of my little friends on the trail — apparently a timber rattlesnake. Man, there’s some serious snakage going on this year!