Where-o-where Has My XM Gone?

So, on my way home from work today, I turned on my trusty XM radio and started listening. However, as I made my way home, the signal would drop… under bridges, even under trees. I checked my connections, unplugged and replugged all my cables, and just drove home, dealing with the occassional outages.

When I got home, I brought my headunit in, and tried it in the house. Same deal — apparently, there was something going on that was making the satellite signal lower than normal. So I started looking around on the XM site for any note of trouble. Nada.

However, Google came to the rescue, with loads of articles indicating a massive outage hits XM Radio. Apparently, one of their birds is down for mysterious performance reasons, and all of us are suffering from poor to no XM radio. 🙁

From some of the fora I’ve been perusing, there’s a lot of Sirius folks that are loving this — apparently, it’s been unaffected. And, of course, there are folks out there predicting alien invasion, just like in Independence Day.

So…. invasion? Dead bird? The merger between XM and Sirius ticking off…. someone? Well, maybe. I’m keeping my options open on which theory I’ll subscribe to!