Music Slippin’ to the Future

I’d been eyeing the 30th anniverary release of Steve Miller’s Fly Like An Eagle since I first saw it in Best Buy a month or two ago. As a kid, this was one of my favorite pieces of music, and I wore the grooves off the vinyl I’d received as part of my six-for-a-penny intro offer from one of the mail-order record clubs. When I saw the 30th anniversary release, I figured it was time to put it back in my collection.

I popped it in Smokey’s CD player, and was transformed back 30 years… man what a piece of music! The powers-that-be did a great job remastering it — I’d never heard it sound so clear. The best was yet to come though…

Along with the remastered CD was a DVD containing a 5.1 mix of the album. I plunked it in, sat in the center the room, cranked it up, and was immersed in the most incredible re-run from my childhood that I’ve ever experienced. It was like being wrapped up in the music, it swirling all around me. What a fabulous treat!