Hurry Up and Wait

For weeks, I’ve been preparing the pieces for my upcoming show. I’ve been toiling over my Quad and my Epson, and have kept the framing and matting vendors in business.

Today, Sio, Darla and I went up to Framations today to hang the pieces, and record the guided audio tour. I gotta tell ya, I am absolutely thrilled with the display. I mean, I’m always thrilled to see my work hung on the walls, but these are the largest images I’ve displayed… and they are just flat stunning.

We shot a couple of photos of the display, but they don’t really show it off very well. I needed to use my big rig with a polarizer to cancel out the reflection from the street. (Note to self… next time, only use non-glare glass in the frames!) Come the reception on Saturday, I’ll get some better shots of the display.

Also, keep your eyes (and ears) peeled, as the guided audio tour, once it’s edited for Saturday, will land here as an audio file, ripe for porting to your iPod!