The reception for my show at Framations was tonight. What an incredible night!

I spent a good part of the day fretting over the reception. I don’t know why I was so nervous, but I was. The butterflies beat the inside of my stomach most of the day. And even through this morning, I was trying to get the finishing touches on things for the show.

My big job this morning was to put together a flyer that described my work, and what kinds of things I could produce. Framations has a holder for business cards and flyers next to my images, and I figured I oughta fill it up with something! So that was a couple of hours of work, along with some printing at Kinko’s. Next time, I’ll try to figure out some way to print the brochures in color, or at least without doing photocopying. It works in a pinch, but it really doesn’t do my photos justice.

I also had to gather up all my small flats. I’ve been carrying these smaller, matted images around for a while. When we hung the work on Monday, Amy and Sarah said they’d be happy to make some space for those smaller pieces, so I lugged them along as well.

We walked into Framations just before the reception was set to start, and found that our caterer, Armando’s Flan Factory, was just putting the finishing touches on the set up for the show. From talking with Sarah and Amy later, it sounds like our caterer may get a few more opportunities from Framations. Cool!

Then we looked at the wall….. and discovered that one of my pieces was already on hold for someone for this week. How cool is that! I’ve barely gotten things on the wall, and already during the week, there’s been interest.

Folks started showing up just after 6pm, and truthfully, it’s all kind of a blur to me. There was so much family, so many friends and other photographers coming by, it kinda all ran together for me. I talked and talked, and toured folks through the images, my thoughts behind them, where they were shot…. my father would’ve been proud. He never met a stranger, and as I’m getting some years under my belt, I’m finding that same thing coming out in me. And for nights like tonight, that’s a great gift.

So how’d I do? Well, during the reception, I sold three large pieces, and several small ones. Had I not sold a thing, I would’ve been pleased, but I was absolutely dumbfounded that that had happened! I still can’t quite get my brain around the fact that folks are putting my work on their walls. In talking with Amy toward the end of the night, she told me that this was a very successful opening, and that I should be pleased. Pleased? Heck, I’m ecstatic!!!

With a little success comes a little work — now I’ve got to get some replacement pieces for the walls up there to fill the holes of the pieces that will be leaving this week!!!!!

Of course, with the night going the way it did, we didn’t take too many photos, but there’s a few out there. One day over the next week or so, I’ll go up and take some shots of the display for all to see.