As I’ve had some pieces sell from the show up at Framations, I needed to take up a new piece to them last night to fill one of the “holes” in the display, as well as moving around of some of my wall hangings to handle the other holes. As soon as I got there, I took a look to see if anything else had been reserved or sold. Nothing additional, but I’m confident that other pieces will fly from the walls before the show ends on August 5th. 🙂

The thing that was earth-shattering news for me was Amy and Sarah inviting me to become a resident artist at Framations! This is a very cool step for me, and a very big one. Essentially, that means that I’ll have some of my pieces on display at the gallery day-in and day-out in a 4′ W x 12′ H (approximately) space. There’s some other benefits from this, and I’ll hit on those once things get a little more firm. Watch this space, along with the Colin Wright Photography site, for more details about the my involvement with the resident artist program at Framations as it unfolds.

For now though, I’m trying to plan out the usage of my space, and exactly what to put in the shop. To say I’m excited about this is an understatement — I’m pretty sure my feet didn’t touch the ground the whole way home last night!