New Gear: Belkin N1 Vision

I’ve been eyeing this little router since I first saw some hype about it a month or two ago. The Belkin N1 Vision is just about the coolest looking router I’ve seen, and has some nice features to go with the great looks.

I’ve been running an old Linksys router for years. The thing’s been solid, running day-in and day-out, 24×7 during that whole time. I’ve only had to reset it once in a blue moon over that time, and I’ve just been amazed at how rock solid it is.

This new Belkin router adds a few new features, with 802.11n wireless connectivity being the one that helps me the most. I’d been wanting 802.11n in the house ever since I’d gotten my MacBook in November. It speaks 802.11n also, and I wanted the higher speed in the house. Frequently, I’m shoveling photos between the Quad and the MacBook, and the more speed I have for those transfers, the happier I am.

However, the cool factor for this router is the display on the router. Yup, a little screen tells me what’s going on with the router — transfer speeds, wireless clients, and other information. While that’s not a requirement for my network to function, it’s a nice thing to have on my desk, and I think it’ll have a lot value when I have to do troubleshooting on the network.

Another improvement over the Linksys is Gig-E ports at the router, including the WAN port. Currently, my cable modem doesn’t support Gig-E, but when it does, I’ll be ready. However, my own machines on the network are all Gig-E, so I can eliminate a Netgear Gig-E switch out of the mix by using the new little Belkin.

So far, the little thing’s done well. The only problem I had was a ID-10-T error, which involved me forgetting the password I set on the thing. A hard reset, and complete reconfiguration later, I was back on the air. 🙂

Sometimes, I can be pretty daft!