New Gear: HTC Mogul

Anyone who’s talked with me over the last couple of years knows I’ve been resisting connectivity to the office on my time. Suddenly, I have flashbacks to Mr. Hand in Fast Times at Ridgmont High….

However, in my new position, I’m really finding that I need some kind of up-to-date messaging and calendaring. I’m in meetings most of the day, and I just can’t keep up-to-date with what my team’s needing me to do, or where someone is scheduling me to be. One conversation with Sprint, and I ordered a Mogul by HTC.

This is a neat little phone, and is brand new to the market. So why this phone? Well, a couple of things. First, the screen is bright and large. That’s a huge thing for me. I like having a lot of data on the screen at once, and with a large screen, I can use a small font, and get what I need all in one gulp. The screen is also touch sensitive, working well with either a stylus that hides away nicely, or with my finger.

The second is the keyboard. This model has a slide out keyboard, with large keys that my crazy fingers can actually find. So, instead of doing the Blackberry thumb-typing thing, I can use more than my thumbs for typing. That’s a nice touch.

From a networking perspective, this thing will do EVDO, with an upgrade to EVDO Rev A coming later in the year. That means reasonably fast surfing and mail gathering. It also has 802.11g built in, so I can use the connection at a hotspot for that connectivity to the outside world.

I’ve already got it set up for use with my mail server at home, and next week, I expect to have it connected to the mail servers at work. It’s been easy to setup, but I know there’s gonna be a ton of learning curve!