On June 10th, I wrote about our pastor’s trip to Kenya, and the theft of a backpack containing a number of replaceable things — laptop, money, passport — and the Bible Charles had been preaching from for decades. Years and years of notes were lost. Or so we all thought.

Charles and a group from the church were planning a second trip to Kenya, planning to leave just a couple of weeks ago. A few days before the trip, Charles got a call from Kenya, telling him that his Bible had been recovered! On Tuesday, in a village in Kenya, Charles was reunited with what he called “the other half of his brain” when two officials, appropriately named Esther and Moses, returned it to him. Today, he preached again to us from that Bible, and you could see the joy in his face to have the notes collected in his ministry back with him.

What a tremendous story. I just can’t help but wonder about the journey that his Bible took, and if perhaps, it touched some lives along the way.