63 Billion Dollars

That’s how much Michael Vick of the Falcons is being sued for. Not by the Feds, or any other comparatively sane entity, but by a prisoner in South Carolina. From what I gather from the story I heard on the news, and the story over at Fox, the inmate in question believes Michael Vick stole his dogs, his identity (to buy dog food), his name (to sell merchandise)…. all with the purpose of buying missiles from Iran.


Yup, this inmate claims that Vick has switched to the Dark Side of the Force and is now an Al Qaeda allegiant.

So what’s he suing for, aside from the astronomical amount of money (delivered in gold and silver to the prison, by the way)? Well Vick has to not steal his dogs, or his name. He also has to quit physically hurting his feelings and dashing his hopes.

I guess that depends on whether Vick’s at the head of the Falcons, and how they perform, eh? 🙂

(BTW, the handwritten complaint is also posted on Fox. Funny stuff, and well worth reading!)