New Body?

Thanks to a little snafu at Amazon, and some quick reporting by Alan Hess, it appears that Canon is about to release a new body for the rest of us. A quick review…

The Rebel XTi was relased earlier with a 10Mp sensor that didn’t exist in any other Canon body. In the last month or so, the 1D Mk III was released (10fps, shoot-through-the-lcd, self-cleaning sensor). Marry those two, and you get the 40D, more or less: 10Mp self-cleaning sensor, shoot-through-the-lcd, 7.5fps, and a 3″ LCD.

Needless to say, this little thing has my attention as a replacement for my 20D — although the 20D would be my backup body, and probably Beck’s primary body, relegating the 10D to emergency shooting, or for Beck if I’m out and about with the 20D and 40D. I’ve had my 20D for over 2½ years, which is a long time for me, and I wouldn’t feel real bad about upgrading after close to three years on the same body.

The body is supposed to be released in September (according to Amazon’s slip up), so I’ve got a while to ponder this. I really am still dazzled by both the 5D ($2500) and the 1D MK III ($4500), but am also dazzled by the price tag of either of those bodies. The estimate $1300 price for the 40D is much, much more palatable!