This Post-Season, I’m a Rockies Fan

On my way in to work daily, I usually listen to KOA out of Denver. For some reason, that station beckons to me, much the same way that that part of the world does. When I was a kid growing up in SE Tennessee, I tried to listen to far away AM radio stations, and KOA was always on my list. High powered, I’d always thought it’d be an easy mark, but I don’t remember ever being able to grab it.

Now that I’m in the midwest, it’s an easy catch once the local religious station on 850 drops off the air at sunset.

Anyway, I’ve been listened to the folks in Denver rave about their Rockies, and the fantastic ending to the season they experienced. Really storybook kinda stuff. However, I believe the media isn’t exactly treating them well. When they went to a one-game playoff with San Diego Monday night, none of the national sports networks showed the game, despite it being the only baseball game being played. Admittedly, both of those markets are considered “small” by network TV standards, but the reports of the game lead me to believe it’s one of the better games this season, regardless of who was playing.

So, with the Cardinals out of the mix for the postseason, I’ve become a Rockies fan for the duration of their run. Maybe all that listening to radio waves from the mountains has me rooting for the underdogs. Or perhaps I have a “Rocky Mountain High” mind trapped in a “Devil Went to Georgia” body. No matter the reason, I’ll be cheering for those guys in purple….