Dangerous Travel

I began my journey to Eggtoberfest (by way of The Mountain) tonight. Wow… what a night! I left St. Louis, and drove through storms all the way across I-64, and thought I had seen the worst the night had in store for me. Little did I know that I was driving into a very sever weather situation.

As I made the turn south at Mt. Vernon, I noticed that light show in the sky was intensifying, and by the time I got into Kentucky, things were in pretty bad shape. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite bad enough when I got to Paducah, so I was well down the road when the big stuff hit.

I don’t know if there were tornadoes where I was, but I do know from the news that there were definitely tornadic events all around me. The rain started coming down like gangbusters, and eventually almost everyone on the interstate ground to stop, waiting for the worst to pass. I had crossed the severe storm line, and was ahead of the storm until I got to Clarksville, which is where I stopped to sleep.

An hour later, the squall line hit Clarksville, and I got to witness the storm from the safety of my hotel room. No white knuckles, no hail, and all the TV I could stand — much better conditions!