Eggtoberfest Reflections

Having gotten back to The Mountain, I’ve had some time to think about my first Eggtoberfest. I’m pretty well convinced that this will not be my last. 🙂

I got down to Tucker, and found the shuttle bus to the mother ship: the Big Green Egg headquarters! And I walked and ate, and walked and ate, and walked and ate…. well, you get the picture. It was like vultures circling, with the huge throng circling the eggs and waiting for the flamed-licked spoils.

From the 250 lit eggs, I ate meatloaf, all kinds of bratwurst, chicken wings, pineapple, baked apples, s’mores, watermelon, pulled pork, chicken chunks, pumpkin bread, shrimp wrapped in bacon and basted with berry chipotle sauce, stuffed jalepenos stuffed with a seafood mixture and wrapped in bacon and probably other stuff I can’t remember. I missed out on the duck, as well as the Spam (prepared and handled like fatties), and de-boned stuffed chicken, but I don’t know where I would’ve put anything else. By the time the drawings were held at 2pm, I was absolutely stuffed.

I don’t know if I learned a whole bunch of new things, but I sure got some great ideas. There were so many things coming off those eggs that I’d never thought of! Next time (next year?), I’ll try to learn more, and try not to be so boggle-eyed about all the stuff I saw. Truthfully, there’s no way for me to recount here just how much I saw, and how much fun I had.

Given all this, I’m pretty well convinced there will be a next time!