Leopard Warts

The great Leopard experience is continuing, with only a couple of things noted tonight.

First, Genuine Fractals refuses to take an update. I can get the original software installed, but it refuses to allow any of the updates to be applied. So far, there’s not much info popping up on this one, although I’m watching closely.

The second had to do with some of my Nik Software filters. They used fonts rendered so poorly that it was impossible to use the filters — I couldn’t read the menus. Fortunately, Nik has posted a workaround, although I’m not sure I like it. The workaround is to change the smoothing model for the entire system to CRT (instead of automatic, which works quite well for my dual flat panels). I’m really hoping that someone at Nik figures out a patch for this, ’cause I’d rather be using my system the way it was intended, instead of munging up the fonts. At least they got me up and running though.

More to come, I’m sure! 🙂