There May Be No Contact

Found here, the Planetary Society is lobbying to save the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. You can read their statement here.

To me, this is bigger than big. We, as humankind, owe it to the rest of the life on this planet to do this one thing to try to protect it from objects in space. Cats and dogs may be great pets, but they can’t track a near-Earth orbit rock. Right now, we’re the last stand in the protection of the Earth from these denizens of deep space. I’ve stood at the edge of Meteor Crater in Arizona, and the devastation caused by that impact is more than my mind can comprehend. That wasn’t even all that big a rock. Imagine the devastation if an object like that were to strike in a populated center. Now imagine it’s even larger. It’s staggering.

Follow the links on the statement page, and send your Congressional representatives a message about preserving Arecibo. Let them know that you’re interested in improving mankind’s chances of surviving longer on this planet. I did.