Happy Elvisday!

And not just Elvis, but David Bowie…. and me. 🙂

Beck took me out for sushi for lunch, and Greek cuisine for dinner, along with a bevy of co-workers and friends at both meals. What a great treat! In her generous way, she also showered me with gifts, but two really stand out.

The first is a Katherine Hepburn film I’ve wanted for years, Desk Set. I just love this film, partly because Hepburn’s in it, but also because of the gigantic computer depicted in the film. In typical 1950’s fashion, the thing bleeps, has gazillions of flashing lights, and can be fixed with a bobby pin. Now that’s technology! 🙂

The other thing she did was feed my feet. I’ve been walking a bunch lately, and have been really faunching for a pair of walking shoes, as my tenners have been shot for a long time. With the help of Kirkwood Shoes, she plopped my feet in a pair of Keens. I believe they may be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had my feet in. To paraphrase John Hurt in The Big Chill, “I’m never taking these off.” I can’t wait to get them out on the trails and roads over the next few days.

Yup, it was a good birthday, filled with friends, food and goodies. What else can you ask for?