Scanner Duel

With the Macs circled about me, it only seems fitting to use more than one of them for some work. This weekend, I’ve been scanning flats on the OctoMac, and slides on my MacBook. This also implies two different sources — the flats are from Becky’s family, the slides are from Uncle Roaul.

While this is a really time consuming effort, I really am getting a kick out of it. Most of the images I’m scanning from Beck’s family date from about 1920-1970, and are mostly folks I’ve never met… with the occasional childhood photo of someone I do know now as an adult.

Tonight, though, there was a surprise among Roaul’s slides that bowled me over. Most of what I’ve scanned so far from Roaul’s slides have been travel shots from his and Merilyn’s travels throughout the US and Australia. I got into a series of slides sporting images taken at my grandparents’ place in Bokeelia in the late 70s. Those have been fun — just the way I remember my grandparents from when I was a kid — and have brought back some real good memories for me.

If for no other reason than that, I continue marching through all these images. So, below is a “discovered” image of my grandfather in his ham shack on Pine Island. Enjoy.