Archival Photo Galleries

The trick I’ve never quite been able to pull off is getting all these family photo scans up on the web where the far-flung family members can comment on them. Ideally, I’d have something where they could add comments about the who/what/when/where for these images.

Another requirement would be to be able to post big batches of photos all at once. It’s not unusual for me to scan large groups of photos and slides, sometimes totaling over a thousand images. I’d really rather not have to put something together for each individual photo, as that could really be time consuming!

Options for doing this seem to be slim. Seems like they are:

  • 3rd party code, like Gallery or JAlbum
  • something out of the web galleries in Lightroom
  • something out of the web galleries in Photoshop
  • some kind of WordPress plugin
  • use of some Apple utility, iWork or iLife, for example
  • perhaps some kind of Apple-based scripting

Truthfully, I like the idea of keeping stuff within the realm of WordPress. It buys me the ability to do searches, and extend the functionality of the web photo gallery to other things that I haven’t thought of yet. I expect I’d still keep the data about the image in some kind of EXIF or XMP format, but if the gallery piece was smart enough to pull the EXIF/XMP data out, and display it in real time, that oughta give me some ability to do some searches.

WordPress has some CMS features to it. If I could figure out some way of leveraging that functionality, that’d be ideal. However, it appears that the “pages” feature in WP doesn’t support comments.

Ultimately, I figure I’ll probably have to do some combination of “roll yer own” and use of other plugins.

Any WP folks out there who’ve tried tackling this problem?