Happy Trails Quad G5!

Tonight, I placed the Quad G5 into the hands of its new owner, with kinda mixed feelings.

On one hand, I knew when I bought it, that there would come a day when its technology would be outdated… or that I would simply want bigger, better, faster, more! (with apologies to 4 Non Blondes) That doesn’t diminish the fact that the Quad was the biggest, baddest box I’d ever bought prior to last week. I’d always built my own PCs, and had never put anything like that kind of horsepower together.

However… how sweet is the new machine! I’m thrilled with the performance (aside from gasping for memory at times), and am just pleased as punch about where this places me for the next several years. Now, Becky would say that I’ve said that before…. 🙂

And, boy am I eating some crow at work. If you look back at what I’ve written over the last 18 months, I de-glamorized the ocotobox, saying it was something I’d likely never move into. OK, so, I was wrong, and folks are letting me know!

I’ll take that abuse though — after all, I did say all that stuff! — and smile as I play with my new toy, and have fun merrily playing in the digital landscape I’ve crafted in my office.