It seems like this year is gonna be the year for photography books. Last year, everything was all about Lightroom. This year, it seems Photoshop CS3 techniques and general photography are the places to land. In the last two weeks, I’ve stuffed some authors’ pockets.

The first acquisition I wanted to mention was Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3 by (wait for it….) Scott Kelby. Scott is the head of NAPP, and is one of the best Photoshop resources out there. And he’s a prolific writer, consistently at the top in technical book sales yearly. And he’s a Christian, and seems to be a nice guy. Scott released this book recently, and its been getting a ton of press. My understanding is that this book details a seven-step program for taking somewhat average photos and turning them into stunning works of art. Of course, you’ve gotta have good subject matter to start with! Can’t wait to get into this one.

The other book is The Moment It Clicks by Joe McNally. Joe is one of the best photographers out there, and has been spotted at some of the DLWS events. This book got huge raves before it was even released, and sold out its first printing in just a week or so. The second printing is in progress, but I was lucky enough to find a copy at Barnes & Noble the other day. This book is described to be about shooting… mindsets, lighting, and other things at the time of the shot. I’ve read that this book is very conversational in its approach, and I think I’m gonna enjoy reading it!