Charged Up

Last night, I spoke before the O’Fallon Photo Club. What a fine group of folks! And I’m not saying that just because some of them might be looking at this blog. 🙂

I really get a charge out of talking with folks about my photography. I come from a self-taught, humble photographic background, and I fully believe that if I can do this, anyone can, given some pointing in the right direction. And frankly, the stories I can tell about how I shot an image are just as important as the story the image tells, and just as important to share. Passing on whatever little bit I’ve learned is part of my charge as a photographer, and I get the added bonus of getting energized about going and shooting more.

During the times when I haven’t had the opportunity to talk shop, I notice that my creative juices dry up a bit. The more I get the chance to engage other photographers — no matter what level — the more excited I am to get out in the field and fire off some frames. Last night was no different, so I feel confident I’ll be out shooting this weekend!