Adobe Giveth, and Adobe Taketh Away

OK, color me gullible, color me masochistic, color me with rose-tinted glasses, but when a software update is released, I kinda expect it to work reasonably well. I don’t expect the update to be pulled, and I don’t expect me to have to uninstall an app and re-install just to recover.

On the 13th, Adobe released a new version of Camera Raw and an update to Lightroom. Neither of these had earth-shattering implications for me, but I try to stay pretty current on things, just in case. In my world at work, the first question the dude in support asks you is if you have the latest versions of everything, so that flavors my judgement to trust the vendors when they release patches and fixes. So, swallowing the Kool-Aid, I pounced on the upgrades, and loaded them on both Doc Oc and the Little MacBook That Could.

Fast forward to today, and there’s word all over the place about both packages being pulled, and how it’s necessary to uninstall Lightroom to downgrade to the previous version. Now admittedly, that’s not a tough thing, but that ain’t right!

So tonight, it’s the uninstall-o-rama, along with the downgrade-o-rama, and a little bit trepedation of whether I’ve hurt anything by using the new version, and whether I’m gonna lose anything by performing the surgery necessary to fix the fumble by Adobe.

In their defense, Adobe usually does a good job of keeping things on the right side of the error-line. Why two packages released together would be withdrawn so quickly is beyond me, but I’ve gotta hope that the next update will go a little better!