To Wave, Or Not To Wave

As I’ve done most of the nights since I put the Jeep in the driveway, I was poking around the web last night, looking for accessories and add-ons for the new toy. I came across All Things Jeep, a small company marketing some great Jeep accessories. As I looked around their site, I discovered they had a blog. I’ve been trying to find some Jeep communities to lurk on, and learn from, and this one seemed like it had a nice personality.

After reading a bit, I noticed there was a list of the most popular posts, and that the most popular post was about the Jeep wave. As I’m learning, the Jeep folks — especially Wrangler-to-Wrangler — will give a polite wave. I was raised in the South, and this is a common thing on the small roads where I can from, so it’s second nature to me.

However, as I read this popular post on their blog, I learned that there’s a bit of prejudice against the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited owners… so much so that some of the Wrangler 2-door owners mentioned some pretty strong opinions about the 4-door owners. Well, I couldn’t let that rest without dropping my own, somewhat contrary opinion into the fray. It’s too long to repeat here, but is at the bottom of that aforementioned Jeep wave post.

Beck and I talked last night, chuckled about how serious I got about whether I would get a wave from folks I didn’t know, and went to sleep.

This morning, I was at work checking out some RSS feeds, and noticed that there’d been a new topic posted on the All Things Jeep Blog…. and it was the hostess of the blog — Jean, who is also co-owner of the All Things Jeep company — pulling my comments out into its own post. Wow! And what I’ve discovered is that my comments struck a chord with her, as well as other folks.

Take a read through both the original post and its comments, and the one Jean posted today. I think it’s great reading, but I’m a bit biased! 🙂