GAR: Day Ten – Glacier NP

We spent most of the day on the Red Bus, touring around the eastern part of Glacier National Park. With the Going-to-the-Sun Road still closed, that left the typically cross-park tours only servicing one half of the park or the other. Come 9am, we were on the bus and cruising with our “jammer”, Stan.

As I understand it, the drivers are called jammers because in the old days, the vehicles shifted badly, and the drivers were jamming the gears. Now, the red busses are automatics, with 5.4L V8s, running on propane. Big difference from the old days, I suppose.

With the big snow here last week, the streams are like rivers. Everywhere you looked, there was water running off from on high. Even at the lodge, you can hear the rushing waters non-stop.

We dropped the top on the bus mid-morning, and enjoyed the see through roof. It was like being in my Jeep, only in a longer format! We traveled to Two Falls, and enjoyed watching the pair of falls. Stan told us that the upper fall would be dried up by July — I guess it’s mostly from run off.

One of our stops was Many Glacier Lodge. This place had a beautiful view of Two Medicine Lake, which was surrounded on one end my mountains. The lodge was built like a Swiss chalet, and really had a European feel to it. We ate lunch there, and moved on.

We did get to look at a glacier — Jackson Glacier. We were told that there are less than 20 glaciers left in the park. In the 1800s there were over a hundred. Most of the drivers and folks we’ve talked to seem to think this is just part of a cyclical pattern. Myself, well, I think I believe something else!

After eight hours on the road, we returned to our lodge, exhausted, and ready for dinner and sleep…