GAR: Day Eleven – Glacier NP

Today was a down day for us, tying up loose ends, and doing some journeying on our own. After sleeping in a bit, followed by a big breakfast, we set out for West Glacier MT, and the other side of the park. Obviously, we woulda preferred to do this over the Going-to-the-Sun Road, but with it close, the only path was Highway 2 around the southern rim of Glacier NP — about 55mi.

On the west side, we stopped in Apgar Village, got some directions, and looked around. Generally, everyone we talked to said that Lake McDonald was the place to visit, so we drove up to the lodge there, and arranged for a boat tour around the lake. It’s the biggest lake in the park, about 10mi long and 1.5mi wide, and was gorgeous. Our boat, the DeSmet, chugged about 80 of us around the lake for an hour. We had one of the park guides tell us loads about the lake, and stories about the people who live there. It was a fantastic tour, and a great way to spend the early afternoon.

Once arriving back on dry land, we souvenir shopped, ate some lunch, and made the big drive back to our lodge. We had packing to do, and basically wanted to wind down and relax, given tomorrow’s drive to Yellowstone.

So Beck asked if we’d come back again. I’d be back in a second! She asked what we’d do. For me, it was hiking and photographing, and probably doing all that in winter. 🙂 For her, it was fishing and painting. And for Sio, it was sitting on a porch someplace, reading a book.

Glacier has been so good and so relaxing. I’ve slept like I haven’t slept in a very long time, and I’ve been inspired like never before. This was a great place to visit, and I’ve got to figure out how to get back up here.

Tomorrow: Yellowstone!