GAR: Day Twelve – East Glacier MT to West Yellowstone MT (375mi)

This morning, we started with breakfast at the Whistle Stop. We’d had two very nice dinners there, and the menu advertised the best french toast in the world. French toast is one of Beck’s favorites, so we had to try it. I’d say they lived up to their billing. I won’t spill any secrets about it, but it was the biggest and best french toast I’ve ever seen. Add to that the atmosphere. We were waited on by a self-proclaimed “crazy Polish guy” who was in East Glacier because he had a flat tire, and never left. He was an amazing waiter and knew his stuff!

We let the GPS lead us toward West Yellowstone through all kinds of Montana highways. As we got an hour or so away from West Yellowstone, we began to see ominous storm clouds roiling over the mountains with massive rain shafts. We could see the rain pouring around us, but were fortunate enough to only get a few sprinkles. The image of the clouds against the mountains was really amazing, and I’m sure the photos we grabbed of the event won’t do it justice.

West Yellowstone is a lot busier than East Glacier was. There’s a couple of big main streets of shopping and Yellowstone-related stuff (tours, etc.), and loads of folks running around. Beck lined us up four nights at Al’s Westward Ho, and as we’ve discovered, we could walk right into the park entrance from here. I’m very surprised and pleased with how close we are to the park.

Tomorrow, we head into the park, and begin our exploration of Yellowstone…