Custom Paper Sizes

Casey has engaged me to do a little printing on canvas for him. This is the first time I’ve tried to print on roll paper, and the first time for me to print on canvas.

First off, it took me forever to load the 13″x20′ roll of Epson Premium Canvas Matte. As documented, you’re supposed to gently push it through the rear paper guide until the paper stops. Well, there are two stops, and from the first one, the paper will never load correctly. One problem down.

That’s when I ran into the conundrum concerning custom paper sizes. If I set up a custom paper size at exactly the size I wanted, I was unable to select canvas in the printer dialog. Believe me, I tried every combination I could think of. What fixed it? Well, I made the width 12.94″ instead of 13″ — found that one on a website somewhere — and I changed the margins to 0.25″ at the suggestion of another site. I’m not sure which fixed it, but it’s fixed, and that’s the important part for tonight.

I am getting some bodacious form feeds after the printing process, but I can recover from that reasonably well, although the end of the roll fills me with fear! 🙂

Now if I can just get the colors right on the canvas….