Dai-sy, Dai-sy…. Give Me Your Annnnssswerrrr Doooooooo

The Little-Macbook-That-Could endured the equivalent of a heart transplant tonight. It’s battery went tango-uniform sometime yesterday (or the day before), leaving the MacBook a vegetable unless the power feeding tube was attached.

Weird thing was that the power cable indicated the battery was charged, while the laptop couldn’t even see the battery, much less charge it.

Tonight, a quick run to the Apple Store confirmed my suspicions: my battery had converted from a nice lithium-based piece into a nice piece of toast. After a little checking, I was informed that I wasn’t eligible for a battery-replacement program that’s running around out there, and shortly thereafter, the forceps entered my wallet, and I walked out with a new Macbook battery.

I wasn’t thrilled, but after 22 months with this machine, I guess that wasn’t a horrible deal. Still, with that money, I coulda bought one of the new iPod Nanos announced today! 🙂