Fallen Soldier

About a week ago, I got a notice from the folks at the JK Forums (a Jeep JK forum) that one of the forum members had been killed in action in Afghanistan (you’ll need to sign in to see the page links below):

I’ve just been given some tragic news and regret to inform you that Gregory Rodriguez, also known as 150, was taken away from us yesterday while serving his country in Afghanistan.

For those of you who didn’t know, Greg was an SSD Handler (special search dog) K9 MP and loved his job very much. Apparently, the SF team and him were just outside their fire base when they started getting small arms fire. From what I was told, he suffered a gunshot wound to the head and that his death was quick.

What I knew of Greg is that he loved his country, loved serving it, loved his wife and family very much and of course, loved his Jeep. Truly, he was a beloved member on this forum who enjoyed hanging out with us and helping out wherever he could. Certainly, he had been a big help to me personally on more than one occasion and even helped to get this Armed Forces Area created for all of you to enjoy. Without a doubt, Greg is a true hero and will be dearly missed by us all.

If you would like to contact Greg’s wife, Laura, and offer your condolences to her and their family, she can be reached at the following MySpace account:


If you would like to share your thoughts on JK-Forum.com, you can post them on this thread here:


With Sorrow,
Cindy, Eddie & the Project-JK Staff

Of course, this would be tragic no matter what Greg’s situation would be. However, being a Jeep guy, and based on an e-mail I just received, the JK Forums community has come together to help his wife:

It always encourages me how people can come together as a community and through their support, can offer strength and hope to those who have suffered a tragic loss. As most of you know by now, Gregory Rodriguez was taken away from us a week ago yesterday while serving his country in Afghanistan. And, for those of you who had been asking for a way to help Greg’s wife Laura and his family financially, I am pleased to inform you that the following PayPal account has been established just for this purpose:


So everyone knows, this PayPal account belongs to Laura Rodriguez and all contributions made will go directly to her and her family.

If you are new to JK-Forum.com and/or this is the first you’ve heard of our fallen hero, Greg, I would invite you to please click on the link below and see the memorial that we’ve created in his honor:


With gratitude to all of you,
Cindy, Eddie & the Project-JK Staff

I’ve gotta tell ya, the more I hear about the exploits and charity of the folks that I’ve started identifying with, the more I’m impressed with the bulk of them. I couldn’t have hooked up with a better bunch of folks.