A Little Rock History, Fun and Silliness

Back in the 70s, a Dutch group named Focus had a flash in the pan hit called “Hocus Pocus”. Who knew the Dutch could yodel? Well, Thijs Van Leer showed us that the Dutch can yodel, whistle and flaut with the best of them. Enjoy the video, and then scroll down for more fun and games.

So, having this little ditty embedded in your mind… Through the magic of YouTube, some twisted, sick individual decided that you could only improve on Dutch yodeling by speeding it up. Again, enjoy the video, and then scroll down.

And with that in mind, someone decided that the magic yodeling could also be served by a little slowness. Here, in at its molasses-induced best.

In this last video, you can actually see Thijs Van Leer’s eyeballs trying their best to achieve escape velocity! 🙂