Touch-y Quirks

I’ve been fighting a weird little problem with my iPod Touch. I’ve noticed that some Genius-generated playlists have a quirk about them that prevented the correct artist and album cover to be displayed in coverflow for some tracks. Tip the thing over to the track view, and presto, chango, suddenly the art is right, as is the artist.

After doing a bunch of searching, I didn’t find anything that matched my symptoms. And then I noticed something… all the tracks involved in this had the same album title: Greatest Hits. Having all those tracks labelled like that created a giant album on the Touch that had myriad artist’s GH tracks all attached to the same album, and that seems to have been the root cause of the problem.

Now, I’ve added something to the album title for my GH discs so they will now be distinct from each other, and that appears to have solved the problem. Weird, weird, weird….