And Then There Were Four

Last night, the AppleStork came, and dropped off the latest addition to the Deauxmayne… a new 8GB iPhone. As Becky has pointed out, I now have one of each current iPod model. That wasn’t a plan, but it is interesting that it has happened.

I like the device — of course, it’s not that far different than the iPod Touch. It’s a little narrower and thicker, and has a more substantial feel in your hand than does the Touch. One funny I noticed is that the touchscreen “feels” different. I would’ve assumed the same glass was on both, but somehow, the glass on the Touch feels slicker. When I first drug my finger across the iPhone screen, I thought it was “sticky” by comparison to the Touch’s screen. Weird, huh?

The phone seems to work pretty well as compared to my HTC Mogul. For me though, the impressive piece is the internet access. It is so much nicer than the experience on Windows Mobile 6 on the Mogul. That’s not HTC’s fault; that’s Microsoft’s. What an amazing difference working through Safari instead of IE! And since I’m all Apple at home, the integration with my Macs is sweet, and the interface concepts are familiar.

Phydeaux is a happy camper!