What Was Missing

With all the dust having settled from yesterday’s Macworld keynote, folks are starting to look back, and see what was missing. Here’s my list.

  • New iMac — There were rumors all over the place about new iMacs, perhaps with screens as big as 28″.
  • New MacMini — This was the rumor that seemed to be a sure thing, but like the iMac, was a no-show.
  • Snow Leopard — This version of the OS has been rumored to be just over the next hill for months. I can’t believe that didn’t show up at Macworld. With the new bundle of iLife ’09, iWork ’09 and Leopard (10.5), I suspect Snow Leopard (10.6) is a ways off.
  • 32GB iPhone — This wasn’t a lock, but it sure had been rumored a lot.
  • iPhone Nano — This little device really seemed to be another sure thing for announcement, but also was a no show.
  • New MacPros — This was an outside shot, at best. I figured this might happen to placate folks (like me) that wanted a path to use the spiffy new 24″ LED monitor with the high end workstation hardware, with the hopes that some fallout would enable my not-so-old MacPro to run against the new screen.

I’m sure there were many other missing devices and code from Macworld’s announcements, but these were the ones that seemed glaring in their omission to me.