Still Waiting

So, early in January, Apple announced the new version of their personal software, iLife ’09. They said the release would be sometime in January. Sure ’nuff, last Tuesday, folks starting getting shipping notices. On Tuesday, I decided to order mine too. I picked ground shipping, which I thought woulda been okay. On Wednesday, Apple dropped me an e-mail saying iLife has shipped. However, at that point the story gets a little glacial….


Kinda looks like the combination of DHL and the USPS have turned this into a Pony Express event of some sort. And now, with a predicted delivery date of Thursday the 5th, I’m questioning whether the higher cost for faster shipping woulda made more sense. Or, I guess I coulda driven through the snow and ice to the Apple Store. I’m sure I woulda been back here by now! 🙂